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Designed by Patrick Nistler of Duncan Channon | The Dielinewine

“Created for Jackson Family Wines, Farrier draws its inspiration from the rich heritage of Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley, where the wine is made. The overall brand concept taps into the sense of com munity that has historically played such an important role in rural life. The design tells the story of an old blacksmith shop, where the local farrier plied his trade and the townsfolk gathered to socialize. Reinforcing the handcrafted quality of the wine, the packaging was created from “found” objects of the day. The red wine uses a more traditional wrap label, while the white wine is adorned with a die-cut “F”.”


Designed by Andreu Zaragoza | The Dielinewine

An interesting name for a wine with a matching label.


Designed by ChrisTrivizas |

“A drop of wine that most people would just wipe of the neck of the bottle inspired us to create this design”

“Having served the wine you will notice that a drop flows down the neck of the bottle, towards the point where three parallel lines are drawn, the one under the other. The line near which the drop will stop, is the one that foretells you future. To discover what the future holds for you, read at the back of the bottle the prediction corresponding to that particular line and drink to its coming true.”


Deesigned by KOMMIGRAPHICS | The Dielinewine

“Santameriana is the white dry wine produced by the organic farming of the rare “Santameriana” variety. Rich fruity aromas with crispy acidity is what makes “Santameriana” a women’s wine. The logo depicts the letter “S” – initial of the word Santameriana in a greek typeface made by some vineyard elements. The Greek origin should be revealed through the logo in a glance.”


Designed by DIZEN | The Dielinewine

“Sierra de la Ventana “Window hill” is the place where the winery is located. We designed the label showing the characteristic of this terroir but in an contemporary way. We designed the label with a window that shows the bottle and with serigraphical varnish we represent the wind (typical from the zone).”


Designed by Clara Roma | The Dielinewine

“Malondro is a family winery located in Cornudella de Montsant. It is the result of the union between two families that share the same devotion to the land and wine.”

“So the solution that we propose for the labels was a design and artistic free lines that remind us the same, to the folksy, something made with care and dedication. The rounded lines and bonds represent the grapes and the vineyards while we suggest that union between families. The order of wines from younger to older is: Latria, Xabec, Besllum, Malondro Blanc, Malondro, Coelum.”